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What is sex like in the kitchen when you work as a couple at a restaurant

In Italy, there have always been many restaurants run by couples. We asked a few who work together what sex in the kitchen is like.

In the catering world there are many couples who work together and live together. Now, beyond the question of whether or not it is wise for us to stay together and work together with our partners, the real question I asked myself this time was: how are their relationships going? How do they manage them? But above all, how’s the sex going?

For me, kitchens exude sex from all sides: they have a somewhat harsh atmosphere, where people laugh, scream, the pace is frenetic. I for one would say that after a day of work in the kitchen, couples jump into bed to have sex. But I’m not so sure, considering how exhausting it is to work in such an environment.

So I decided to ask them directly how they cope with sex when they have the same exhausting and adrenaline-filled job.

Small premise: I didn’t expect to struggle so much to find someone willing to talk about their sex life and their connection to the food world, but it happened. At least four couples refused to talk to me about it.

However, there were some brave ones: Thank God there are still people who don’t consider sex taboo.

What excites chefs

chefs sex desiresDaniele Antonelli and Giorgia Proia have a patisserie not far from the Colosseum in Rome: Casa Manfredi (by the way, my favorite patisserie in the capital). I wanted to start with them because they’ve been together for a while, two generations – like me and my partner – and they have a son, Manfredi.

“At first I think we can say we had a normal sexual relationship,” Giorgia Proia tells me. “I was younger and I had some insecurity. But, over time, Daniele made me discover new things in bed. Especially at home, to be honest: we moved in together almost immediately.”

Because I imagine work kills desire, I ask them what turns them on in each other. “I’m turned on by a man who doesn’t let himself be stepped on,” Giorgia tells me as she prepares something very creamy. “It turns me on to the max when Daniele gets mad at ignorant, big-mouthed people.” And Daniele simply tells me: “Maybe it will seem strange to you, but just looking at her is enough for me to turn me on. After all these years, it still excites me to look at it.”

A younger couple are Floriano Pellegrino and Isabella Potì of Bros’, who own Lecce, a gastronomic universe that includes a restaurant, a trattoria and an academy. They are one of the coolest couples in Italian cuisine, I love music, fashion and sports. They met when Isabella went to an internship in Bros’, not even eighteen years old. “I noticed it immediately,” says Floriano Pellegrino. “And yes, of course I noticed her at work, how can you not see her, look at her,” Floriano tells me.

“Charisma and talent are the first things that catch my attention and excite me,” says Isabella Potì. “I like people who evolve, not just people who are aesthetically beautiful, and I always see that in Floriano.” Floriano Pellegrino continues, almost poetically: “It’s devastating to see Isabella’s face in the kitchen. I get really excited about people who do things right, and Isabella is one of them.”

Even Lea Pedrinella and Lorenza Licciardello, both initially unrelated to the world of catering — one comes from the theater, the other from the world of photography —

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Yes, people still have sex on planes. But they take things to another level

A little quiz about the state of air sex today.

As a child, I often heard about the ” Mile High Club “, this select club of daredevils who had sex on an airplane. I thought it was a concept that would have more clarity and importance as I matured, but as I grew older it fell into the same category as quicksand or the Bermuda Triangle, things that fascinate you when you’re young and become totally irrelevant when you’re older. maturity.

Does anyone still have sex on planes these days? Is it really that much fun to squeeze into a crappy bathroom that’s too small for even one person? Well, according to several air travelers and flight attendants, that tradition is still alive. It may be rare for someone to have classic penetrative sex on a plane, but people still do at least manual labor.

It’s obvious why anyone wouldn’t want to have sex on a plane. First of all, it’s very impractical. Airplane bathrooms are dirty and small, and there are always lines if you stay too long. But some are excited by these factors. The risk, the mess, the fact that they are at a great height, all these can make the experience even more erotic. In first class, the bathroom is a little bigger, alcohol is served for free, so the chances of sex increase. 

Reddit is full of airplane sex stories Some people claim that they didn’t even go to the bathroom, but pulled it on their chair. Other stories are clearly fiction – they are written by men who claim to have brought their girlfriend to a great orgasm, or even been congratulated by the flight staff. But the most plausible stories come from flight attendants, who say they’ve often caught people doing oral or manual sex.

“During a flight with an almost empty plane, there was a couple in the back clearly having sex. She had her head under a blanket in his lap and was sucking him, while he concentrated on keeping his eyes closed and not making a sound,” writes a flight attendant. On a similar thread , another flight attendant says she saw two gentlemen “paw each other under one of those blankets we give to passengers on airplanes.” Both stories ended pretty much the same: passengers tried to give the blankets to the staff at the end of the flight or put them in the trash. Another passenger said that once his girlfriend rubbed and ejaculated on the blanket, but then he had the good sense to take her with him, not leave her on the plane.

To find out more, I asked people on Twitter to tell me their airplane sex stories. Most involved the hands.

“I don’t know if it comes up, but when I was in my twenties, I was on a flight from Miami to Bulgaria with my girlfriend, and after a few drinks we got drunk and high. I fingered her under the blanket until she had an orgasm. She didn’t manage to paw me because we were afraid it was too visible, so we left her alone,” one guy wrote to me.

Usually it all starts with a few glasses of alcohol. “I travel a lot for work with my fiance, but flying is extremely stressful for me,” said one woman. “That’s why I choose to get drunk every time I fly, and that turns me on.” As a result, she gives her fiance a handjob under the blanket. Sometimes even oral sex in the bathroom. “But before

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Is it worth ending a relationship just because sex sucks?

Sex can’t always be perfect.

For centuries, people have placed great importance on sex. It’s everywhere: on TV, in songs , in clothes, in language, in culture – and everyone tells you that you’re not doing it right if you don’t feel great every time you have sex.

Well, we think sex isn’t always so exciting. Oftentimes, it can be shy, awkward, and uncomfortable. Maybe you’re a little bored, or maybe one of your partners has a problem with their libido or is afraid to try something new.

But is it worth ending a relationship just because the sexual chemistry with the partner is not perfect?

It’s true that a relationship works if you’re both on the same page, otherwise it creates tension. It’s frustrating when one of you always initiates sex and gets rejected every time. It creates an insecurity about intimacy for both partners.

The answer is simple, therefore: Yes, sex is reason enough to end a relationship. Any reason is enough, because we all deserve to be happy and fulfilled in our relationships. It’s perfectly okay to end a relationship with a partner if you feel hurt or unhappy. But it’s important to communicate beforehand.

Any relationship requires communication, and the sexual plan is as important as all the other plans you discuss, such as passions, finances or career.

Here are some key points you should touch on to find out if there is any hope of repairing your relationship sexually

Why is sex bad?

It’s good to start here. What is the problem? The way the sex goes? Frequency of sexual acts? Lack of attraction? Chemistry? Routine? Sometimes, after the passion wears off, sex feels like an obligation.

It is important to determine whether the problems in your sex life are physical or emotional in nature.

How important is sex to each of you?

All people are different. If you both prefer to watch TV shows instead of having sex, that’s great. But if it doesn’t work for both of you, you need to talk.

If one of you wants to have sex three times a week, and the other doesn’t mind if you don’t have sex for weeks or months at a time, then maybe decide to stay friends or open up the relationship so you’re not relying on each other to fulfill your sexual needs.

What do you want more/less of?

Sex is like anything else – you can learn new things and improve your abilities. Just because you’re not having great sex right now doesn’t mean it can’t become great if you put in the effort. Be honest about your likes and dislikes in bed.

Try something new, listen to each other, change your habits, don’t be arrogant and see if anything changes.

Does it feel like you’re putting in equal effort?

Sometimes, even if the sex is okay, there are tensions about who initiates the sex and how often. If only one partner always initiates sex, they end up feeling embarrassed or unwanted, even if they achieve their goal and end up having sex.

It’s important to decide if you’re both happy on this plan, so that only one of you doesn’t feel like he’s doing all the work.

Do you have unrealistic expectations?

Porn has created some totally unrealistic expectations about sex. Remember that not everyone wants to explore extreme sexual preferences. Some people want kisses and cuddles, and that’s totally fine. Sex isn’t better just because it’s kinky, nor is it boring just because it’s vanilla.

Is sex a priority in the relationship?

There are so many reasons why Read the rest

London: The Ultimate Party Destination

London, the dynamic and diverse capital of the United Kingdom, is renowned for its vibrant nightlife and reputation as a top party destination. With its multitude of clubs, bars, live music venues, and cultural events, London offers an unparalleled party experience. In this article, we delve into the reasons why London is widely regarded as one of the best places in the world to let loose, have fun, and party like never before.

Diversity of Venues

London’s party scene caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether you’re into underground electronic music, live bands, hip-hop, jazz, or even themed parties, London has it all. From legendary nightclubs in the West End to trendy venues in Shoreditch, Brixton, and Camden, the city offers a diverse selection of venues to suit every partygoer’s desires.

World-Class DJs and Live Performances

London attracts top-tier DJs and artists from around the world, making it a hotspot for exceptional music experiences. Renowned clubs such as Fabric, Ministry of Sound, and Printworks regularly host internationally acclaimed DJs, while venues like the O2 Arena and Wembley Stadium showcase major artists’ live performances. London’s thriving music scene ensures that partygoers have access to a rich variety of genres and talent.

Cultural Experiences

London’s party scene extends beyond traditional nightclubs. The city is home to a wide range of cultural events that provide unique party experiences. From immersive theater performances and themed parties in historic venues to rooftop parties with stunning city views, London offers an abundance of creative and alternative ways to celebrate.

Late-Night Transport

London’s extensive transportation network, including the famous night tube and night bus services, ensures that partygoers can easily navigate the city during the late hours. This convenient and reliable transportation system allows for seamless exploration of different party destinations without worrying about getting home.

Diversity and Inclusivity

London embraces diversity and inclusivity, creating an open and welcoming atmosphere for partygoers from all backgrounds. LGBTQ+ venues, such as Heaven and G-A-Y, offer vibrant and inclusive party experiences, while a multitude of cultural festivals and events celebrate the city’s multicultural fabric. London’s party scene fosters a sense of acceptance and celebration of individuality.

Around-the-Clock Entertainment

From dusk till dawn, London offers around-the-clock entertainment options. After parties, early morning raves, and late-night dining establishments ensure that the party never stops. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, London has something to offer at any hour of the day or night.

London stands as a mecca for party enthusiasts, offering a diverse and electrifying nightlife experience. With its diverse range of venues, world-class DJs and artists, cultural events, inclusive atmosphere, and convenient transport links, the city has earned its reputation as one of the best places to party. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, London’s party scene promises unforgettable moments, vibrant energy, and memories that will last a lifetime. So, embrace the city’s party spirit, hit the dance floor, and immerse yourself in the thrilling nightlife that London has to offer.… Read the rest

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